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10 States With The Lowest Property Taxes In The Country

For those looking for a new place to call home, the property taxes of the state may be a major factor in determining where to settle down. A recent study has revealed that the five states with the lowest property taxes in the country are Hawaii, Alabama, Louisiana, District of Columbia, and Colorado. All five states offer potential homeowners an opportunity to save money on their taxes while still enjoying the benefits of living in their respective states.

1. Hawaii – 0.28%

2. Alabama – 0.41%

3. Colorado – 0.51%

4. Louisiana – 0.55%

5. District of Columbia – 0.56%

6. South Carolina – 0.57%

7. Delaware – 0.57%

8. West Virginia – 0.58%

9. Nevada – 0.60%

10. Wyoming – 0.61%

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